Just 10 days to go until our next gig at The Fighting Cocks, Kingston…


Epic line-up also featuring Clay Soldiers, Armstrong Gun and Buzzkill!


Don't risk missing out, grab your tickets today and save money on the door price too… Why wouldn't you…?! 




Our second single from the forthcoming album Fear-topia is getting a good reception, with radio plays on (among others)  these awesome stations!


Pipebomb Radio NYC 


Radio Crystal Blue 


Wolfman Radio 


Izzy's New Music Emporium 




Why make things difficult when they can be easy…?


With that in mind we have now got a Linktree page as another way to make it mega easy for you all to access all our social media pages! 




For anyone who missed seeing us at our gig at the St Moritz Club, good news!

There are now not one, but two more opportunities to come and see SinS rocking out.


Check out our Gig page or check us out on Songkick for more info: 





We are very pleased to announce that the second single from our forthcoming album Fear-topia is out today!


Time on Prescription is out on all major streaming platforms, check it out on your platform of choice!


Starting with a stripped down acoustic feel, 'Time on Prescription' gradually evolves into a rollercoaster progressive hard rock banger... we hope you like it!


There is also an emotionally charged video, masterfully put together for us by the legend that is Danny Land ( and starring the super-talented Lizzie Fletcher ( 


It's currently on the home page of this very website but also has a permanent home on YouTube! 




Giggity gig gig!


We are playing at The St Moritz Club in Wardour Street, Soho, London tonight at 8pm - come check us out!


If you need an incentive (surely not…!) then we had a little pre-gig warm up at Silence HQ, teasing a future single… 


In order to plug the gap between our first single and the second, we have released a lyric video for one of the upcoming album tracks. Check it out here: 

(2) Paradise for the Paralysed - Lyric video - YouTube


We are excited to announce that the first single, "Coming Up"  from our upcoming album (Fear-Topia) was
released on all major platforms (see links above) today.
Described by A&R Factory as a  "virtuosic furore" , Coming Up  sends the listener "right back to the early 00s metal and hard rock scene; as the dynamic track progresses, they keep the instrumental curveballs coming with the infusion of thrash and the Seattle sound."



Social Media FRENZY! So, all the material for the new album is mostly recorded, mixed and mastered, and we are now focussed on working out how all these new social media platforms to work to get our stuff out there, so it can be mocked all over the world! (well, hopefully not). Tiktok, Insta, Twitter, we are gone try and work out what the hell is going on. It could take some time…



Music Video, part 2! Given how impressed we were with Danny in our recent visit, we decided to commission another video from the man, myth and legend himself. Rather than heading all the way up to a now very rainy Wales again, we discussed more of a concept video, and decided to work with an actress recommended by Danny to bring it to life. We gave Danny and the actress the concept, as well as providing materials for him to build his own set in his living room, we await his magic and will share the results with all of you in the new year.  


While he works away, we have all been working hard on getting the final songs for our album (working title: Fear-Topia). We are hopeful of a release of the first single in early 2022 (fingers crossed).



Roadtrip! Woooo! So…. the whole band went on a road trip to Wales to meet up with our music video editor, shooter, produceed etc, the almighty Mr Danny Land. In two days in (remarkably) sunny Wales, we were able to shoot 2 videos for single from our new full length album (title TBC). Hard work and a couple of long drives, but also a lot of fun. Hopefully we can show off the fruits of our labours very soon.



Photoshoot(s)! So, after we shifted a bit of the ol’ ‘Lockdown weight’ and revamped our dusty wardrobes, we arranged two photoshoots in conjunction with Ben Porter Photography: firstly to use for the promo for our new album, and secondly to formally introduce our new bassist to the world. The first shoot was in our very own rehearsal/recording studio, plus a few custom made props and an obscure screen which allowed us to take some weird X-files meets spinal tap images. The second shoot was at some ‘allegedly’ haunted gunpowder mills. We weren’t scared, honest. We also took some video footage there for a forthcoming music video for one of the album tracks. All in all, two very productive and enjoyable days. 


If you need photography in and around the Crawley area, hit Ben up, you won’t be disappointed.



It’s done! We are excited to announce the release of our self titled EP onto all the major platforms. Comprising 6 tracks, this EP. We managed to get it onto a number of Spotify playlists, and the tracks can all be streamed via Spotify or via Youtube. We also have a lot of additional material ready and in some cases already recorded for a full length album - with this neverending pandemic none of us are sure that we will ever be able to gig again :/



Lockdown: Again! Well, is anyone surprised? No? Didn’t think so. We did manage to get some additional recording done at least at Echo7 on a couple of tracks - will pick this up and hopefully finish the EP for release at the end of the year, with a little bit of luck.



Welcome Steve (Mark 2)! Following ongoing health and distance issues with our original bassist, Stephen Airey (SA), we have decided to part ways. We all remain on good terms and would like to thank SA for all the hard work and good times we had, and wish him well with his health issues and forthcoming marriage. 


In his place, we wish to welcome another Stephen, Steve Pool (SP). SP was part of Ben’s previous band, Bypolar, and so far has slotted in (mostly) seamlessly. We will now all be focussing on getting him up to speed on all the bass parts as well as developing all the song ideas we have been saving up over lockdown.



LOCKDOWN! Obviously with all the governmental measures in place, all Silence operations will pause, for now… 

Can’t keep us down for long ;)