Silence in Surrender (SinS) are a 4 piece rock band born and based in South West London, England.


Brought up on a primary diet of 1990’s and 2000’s rock, punk and grunge, but supplemented heavily over the years by a huge variety of genres ranging from blues to thrash metal, SinS have forged a sound which seeks at its core to pay homage to the riff-based rock of yesteryear, but presents it in a new and evolved package which reflects the band’s diverse range of influences as well as modern trends within the industry.


Fusing riffage, melody, emotion and aggression, SinS hope to take their listeners on a journey which emulates the turbulence and challenges of life as it exists across the world as we understand it.


Ben Lopez - Guitars, Lead Vocals

Paul Young - Guitars, Backing Vocals

Pete Haseler - Drums, Percussion

Stephen Pool - Bass